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Support in School

Children with an additional need may be supported in a number of ways. Below, you will find information about some of the core interventions used.


SIMS stands for Structured Individualised Multi-Sensory Support, and is a programme provided for children experiencing difficulties in Reading and, or Spelling from Year Two upwards.

Jimbo Fun

This is a gross-fine motor-skill programme delivered in small groups or on a 1:1 basis, to aid a child's motor-skill development. It may be used for a child displaying dyspraxic-type difficulties or poor handwriting skills.

SALT Groups

SALT is a  Speech and Language based therapy, delivered by a trained LSA to small groups, more usually in Key Stage One. These groups aid speaking, listening, concentration and social communication.

Speech and Language

1:1 Speech and Language Therapy is delivered as and when required by outside therapists using bespoke programmes, which are then followed up in school by trained staff.

Lego Build to Express

This is a therapy programme designed to help children explore and express feelings, emotions, worries and thoughts in a non-threatening environment.