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The Pines School

  • We have self-belief
  • We seek challenge
  • We build community

Vision & Values

Our vision for The Pines School, is to be

•  An OUTSTANDING school whereby we are committed to delivering an outstanding education in an exceptional environment where every child has the opportunity to achieve the highest level of success.

•  Top 25% of schools nationally

In September 2015, our school community worked together to create a new strapline for our school, which would best reflect our aspirations and core beliefs.

Our new motto is 'Taking Pride and Aiming High'

We feel this perfectly encapsulates what we are striving to be as a learning community. We want our motto to now permeate everything we do here at The Pines.  ‘Taking Pride’ teaches our children to be student's who behaviour excels. Through this, we teach our school rules known as ‘The Pines Code, which set very high expectations on attitude to learning, themselves and to others.  Assemblies and PSHE lessons support our children's understanding of how these are exemplified in their day to day life. For children who are seen to be 'Taking Pride' in their school and following the Pines Code, they will be awarded with smileys.

'Aiming High’ will be how we teach a newly developed values system, which we want to underpin everything we do. These core values have been created to equip our children with tools to be successful life-long learners. We believe these new values sit at the heart of all we do and set our school apart. 

All staff aim to model these behaviours to the children. We teach these discreetly through the curriculum and explicitly in values based PSHE lessons or circle times. In order to ensure we are focusing on all three of our values throughout the year, we teach these values in strands, as can be seen by the colour coding across the three values. 

We have self-belief

We see challenge

We build community

I can work independently

I believe in myself

I know what I’m good at

I give it my best

My ideas are important

I have a positive attitude

I persevere when something is difficult

I take risks to try new things

I push myself to do better

I learn from my mistakes

I use ideas to solve problems

I have ambition

I ask for help when I need it

I trust others to support me

I know that everyone is good at different things

I learn from others

I value the ideas of others

I want the team to succeed.