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Eagle House Literature Festival

On Friday 15th September, Year 5 were invited to visit Eagle House for their annual Literature Festival. This big event hosts many famous authors and gives the children a chance to meet their book heroes and hear about their journey into the world of writing stories. 

Our children were able to meet different authors, attend seminars to learn about writing stories and purchase some of the books they heard about during the day. Year 5 were especially honoured to be invited to stay for lunch and eat in the grand school dining room. 


All of the children, staff and parents who attended loved the event and said it was a fantastic day out to start the year. 

I loved hearing Dan Smith's talk because it was so interesting. He spoke about his life and the countries he visited when he was younger. These travels inspired his stories. If I could sum up the festival in one word, it would be - FASCINATING!                    Kristian

It was really inspiring. All the talks were really gripping. My favourite part was meeting Katherine Rundell and hearing her talk because it was really to know she actually went to the Amazon Rainforest to inspire her book. She is my kind of author.                                                                                                                Matilda

I loved listening to Ali Sparkes. It was interesting to know how long it took for her to write her first book, which was two years. I liked how she kept trying and never gave up, it inspired me to keep pursuing my dreams.                                                      Rebecca