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A visit to Wellington College

 As you may remember, this time last year we began a project with Wellington, designed by our students but supported by the Wellington College Service programme. A group of Wellingtonians came and spent Wednesday afternoons with the Digital Leadership team and helped them to generate the Pines Podcast. It was an exciting opportunity for our students to visit a much larger school and learn from the older students. 

On Wednesday 4th October 2017, I had the wonderful privilege of being invited back to Wellington to give a talk to a new group of students about we what accomplished. It was an opportunity to inspire and equip them as they each head into primary schools throughout the borough to engage in new service projects. More than that, it was exciting to be able to share with them how brilliant The Pines students are, how eager they are to learn and just how bright they are. 

We are excited to be able to invited Wellington students back again this year to help us run a different project to stretch and challenge students in Years 5 & 6 who are thinking about taking the 11+. We know from last year, these students have such an impact on our Pines children and raise their aspirations. Yet we also know that the Wellingtonians leave with something too. For a season, they also get to be a part of the brilliant community of Team Pines and learn from our children. 

Mrs Price