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Friendship Squad

In an effort to make playtime and lunchtimes more active and enjoyable for our pupils on the playground and to ensure that all children have an opportunity to be meaningfully engaged at lunchtime, we have set up our “Friendship Squad”. It is now a part of school life and is a great source of enjoyment for our children.
Pupils in Years 3,4, 5 and 5 have the opportunity to be involved in the day-to-day running of the squad, trained and overseen by a designated teacher. Children apply for a position on the squad and then take part in some training exercises. We are lucky to have a large selection of activities and outdoor equipment, but the squad also encourages children to join in with some of the ‘old favourite’ playground games, such as simple clapping, skipping and singing games, What’s the Time Mr. Wolf and Please Mr. Crocodile.
Members of the "Friendship Squad" wear special Red Pines Caps which are easily identifiable and they look out for any child who may feel lonely on a particular day, or is in need of company.

Three of our 'Friendship Squad' leaders, with their winning art entry to the 'Bracknell Forest Anti-Bullying competition' in 2015.