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Digital Leadership Team

 At The Pines School everyone is constantly learning from each other, and the teachers and support staff are no exception. With so many advances in technology, it is often the children who know more than the adults when it comes to digital literacy. That is why the decision was taken to appoint a team of students from Key Stage 2 as our Digital Leadership Team. 

Digital Leaders for 2018-2019:



We are currently appointing our new team. 



These leaders applied for this role and take their appointment very seriously, wearing their badge with pride.  Each of them bring their own digital skills, knowledge and passion and together make a very competent and dynamic team.  

In 2016-2017, along with students from Wellington College, they created a fortnightly radio show broadcasted on Twitter, called 'Pines Podcast'. The children wrote and produced this show themselves and are planning to develop this project again this year. 

In 2017, our students starting training to be certifed Apple Teachers, to help children and staff to use our Apple resources better. 

They have also started their own blog to better share their expertise with staff and children, both in our community and beyond. Click the image below to visit the blog. 



As well as these exciting projects, the Digital Leaders will:

- Report broken or malfunctioning equipment

- Audit how often different programs and apps are being used

- Weekly, ensure the ipads are correctly stored and clear the memory of any materials no longer needed

- Review apps and make recommendations

- Raise the profile of Computing and ipads in the school

- Support any ICT clubs that run through the year

- Be committed to further developing their own digital literacy

- Write instructions for different pieces of software or apps.

- Make governors more aware of the importance of Computing in all areas of the school

- Offer in-class support to teachers.

- Train other pupils how to use hardware, especially apps on the ipad.

- Make videos and presentations that raise the profile of ICT and The Pines

- Help to inform and enforce the school's e-safety policies and procedures.

- Meet termly with Curriculum Team Leader for Computing


We are very excited about the future of this leadership team and the impact they will have in raising the digital capabilities of the school, in a way that enhances the  learning here at The Pines.