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At The Pines School we recognise the importance of teaching children the fundamental skill of learning to read. We also recognise that it is essential that all children develop a love of reading. Within school, we promote a wide selection of reading materials from magazines and leaflets to novels, poetry, plays and online texts.

Our school library is widely used throughout the week and across the whole school. Our children love to find a quiet place to become absorbed amongst the books. We encourage children to take books home and to find other books that may interest them. In addition to this, we have developed links with our local library. Our children also have vibrant and well stocked book corners in their classrooms that they can access throughout the day. 

Reading at The Pines School begins in the Early Years and KS1 with a daily systematic phonics lesson. The purpose of phonics instruction is to teach children sound-spelling relationships and how to use those relationships to read words. For more information, please visit the 'Phonics' page on our website. 

All classes prioritse reading in their timetable and read their class novel daily. Many classes also take part in 'Read AnyWhere', known as 'RAW time'. During this time, children are invited to get comfortable in the way that suits them best. This might be lying on the floor, under the table, or sat back to back with a friend. 

How can you help at home?

Click on the images below to go directly to each website. 

Oxford Owl

 Oxford Owl is a free website to help you with your child’s reading. To help you both along the way, you’ll find age-specific reading tips, book recommendations, and lots of fun ideas to really bring your child’s reading to life. It includes over 100 free eBooks and activities with your child’s favourite characters like Biff, Chip, Kipper and Floppy, the Project X team and Winnie the Witch. And every happy reader deserves a reward. So we’ve got a special Kids’ barn area that’s jam-packed with games and fun activities to make reading more fun than ever before. Enjoy!

Words For Life

This website helps parents, family and friends get the most from reading, writing, speaking and listening. On this site you will find tips, advice, games, free downloads and competitions.