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Film Week | 2017

This past week we have been celebrating the world of ‘Film’ here at The Pines. As teachers, we know the power film has to engage children and their imagination, as well as contain incredible potential for reading comprehension, creativity writing and technology.  Our teachers use film throughout the curriculum to enhance the children’s learning experiences but ‘Film Week’ has provided a great opportunity for us to all celebrate digital texts altogether.

From Nursery to Year 6, every class has used film as vehicle for the most incredible learning. As I have moved through classes, I have seen children writing their own scripts, adding in dialogue to silent movies, writing new scenes, building sets, producing their own movies, recording soundtracks, writing film reviews…the list goes on. It has been a privilege to be able to witness their creativity, imagination and enthusiasm for learning.

We have also been privileged to have a number of speakers and resources this week, that helped enrich this experience further. Many classes were able to take part in a Google Expedition, venturing into the world of virtual reality. Their collective gasps, as children experienced these places for the first time, will be something our teachers will not forget. We had also had script writers, actors, producers and sound designers share their experiences in the world of film, many bringing videos, photos and props with them to explain their roles in more detail. We even had a wonderful musical rendition from one Dad, from his time in the West End, which enthralled those who were fortunate enough to be there.

To end the week, our wonderful staff helped to create our prestigious Oscar’s Ceremony; showing Hollywood how it is done flawlessly! We were so excited that Mrs Hardy was able to return for this afternoon, as our wonderful host. This ceremony is an opportunity to come together and applaud the incredible learning and experiences throughout the week, as well as recognise some stand-out efforts. Congratulations to all nominees and winners.

Much like a winning Oscar speech, Film Week cannot go past without some heartfelt gratitude. Firstly, thank you to all the parents and families members who were able to take part this week. It was wonderful to be able to have our own community sharing their experiences of life in front or behind the camera. You captivated our children and our staff with your story.

Thank you to Google Expeditions, James Hosker from MediaNerd and Ben Scranton from Wellington College, for willing offering your time and sharing your resources and knowledge with us. We certainly learnt a lot that we can take forward.

Lastly, thank you to our staff. As always, you have worked tirelessly to produce engaging lessons that challenge the children and spark both curiosity and creativity. This week has been a success because of your hard work and commitment to provide quality learning opportunities.

The week has been truly inspirational and the children and staff have learnt so much associated with the world of film. In our midst, we may have budding actors, producers, children who want to be on the stage, behind a camera etc. and a week such as the one we have had at The Pines may be the beginning of something so very exciting for your child.

We often say to the children that they can aspire to be anything they want to be and they must continue to have dreams and ambition. The impossible can then become possible.