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Digital Leadership Team

At The Pines School everyone is constantly learning from each other, and the teachers and support staff are no exception. With so many advances in technology, it is often the children who know more than the adults when it comes to digital literacy. That is why the decision was taken to appoint a team of students from Key Stage 2 as our Digital Leadership Team.

We are leaders from Year 4, 5 and 6 who applied for our jobs because we are passionate about tecnology and love using it in school to help with our learning. We wear really cool badges, that look like the on off switch on a computer monitor; we wear them with pride. Each of us have own abilities and interests when using computers.  We join our ideas and creativity together and make a really dynamic team! 

As Digital Leaders, our responsibilities include,, supporting teachers and staff in using the ipads effectively, reviewing new software and apps, helping run coding clubs and looking after the ICT equipment around school. This year, we are also spending time developing our own ICT knowledge. To do this, we have started a new exciting project, to create and run our own Pines Radio Show. We have been working very closely with Year 9 and Year 11 students from Wellington College to do this.

It began we us visiting Wellington College to present  our 'pitch' to them. They collected us in a Wellington Bus, which we thought was incredibly nice of them. It was super posh too!

When we arrived, we met in their library had presented to these students using a  digital media presentation that we had created.

Click the play button below to view it too!

  After that, they kindly gave us a tour of their incredible school. We were so impressed with their building and the learning activities they get to do there.


Since then, ever Wednesday afternoon the Wellingtonians join us to research, write, rehearse, record and publish our podcast. We have made some great relationships with these students. They have shared their knowledge of the world, computers and helped us to be better writers and public speakers. We think we impressed them also, with just how much we know about using ipads and recording apps!

We are so excited to be able to work closely with Wellington in such an exciting way and are looking forward to continuing the Pines Podcast in the next term.

If you haven't had a listen yet, do visit our school twitter account, where you can find the links to our latest broadcast.

Click below to see one of our recent broadcasts. See what you think! You can subscribe via the 'Audio Book' website, or through itunes, by clicking the subscribe button below the recording. You never have to miss an episode again!