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Celebrating Writing






We want to create space in our 'News' for blogs about outstanding learning from our children. We have amazing learning taking place in every classroom, both in the school hours and beyond it! Here are three examples of students writing that takes place in Booster groups after school. 

Niamh, Harry and Samudita in Year 6 have been meeting each week to develop their writing skills. In this group, they explore high quality texts, discuss the impact of language choices and get creative with their ideas! It is a wonderful group, who look forward to meeting each week. 

In these pieces of writing, the group were given a picture and a few short boring sentence, written by someone else. They were asked to keep the core description, but to rewrite it in a way that created suspense and captured imagination. What is particularly effective about their work, is how they have hinted at a back story, whether giving too much away. 

Well done Samudita, Niamh and Harry. This is truly gripping writing that makes me want to read more. 

Mrs Price

Click on the images below to read some of their recent writing in detail. 

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